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The Beginner's Guide to Applying Fake Eyelashes

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

In my third year of university my lashes suddenly began to fall out. I was used to not having hair, but accepting another round of hair loss was devastating. I loved my curly, fluffy lashes — they framed my eyes and made me feel feminine.

When I tried to apply fake lashes to replicate my lashes, I struggled to use them. At best, I would end up gluing my eyes shut, and at worst, I would apply them unevenly. Even makeup artists struggled to apply lashes on me since I didn't have any lashes of my own to act as a base.

However, over the years, I have mastered the art of applying lashes in mere minutes. I find that using black lash adhesive with a brush makes the application process tremendously easier. (I love the DUO Brush-on Adhesive With Vitamins Dark and the House of Lashes Adhesive).

Watch my tutorial on how to put on lashes, and for more details, read the written instructions below.

How to apply fake eyelashes easily

To apply false eyelashes, you will need:

  1. Measure the size of the lashes compared to your eye size to verify if they will fit comfortably. Most of the time, you will need to cut the lashes, which is an important step. Without adding glue, place the lash on top of your upper waterline. If the lash protrudes past the corners of your eye, cut off the lash's outer edge. The lash must fit comfortably on your eye to look and feel natural.

  2. Tightline your eyes using a pen liquid eyeliner. By lining your eye's inner corner, you create a clear outline for where your lashes would naturally start.

  3. Sweep black lash adhesive across your eyes. Apply the glue just above the area you just lined. If you have a shaky hand (like me), then apply the lash glue to one section of your eye at a time, instead of trying to draw a straight line. Note: Do not rush this step.

  4. Wait 15-20 seconds for the lash glue to get tacky; however, don't let it completely dry down.

  5. Pick up your tweezers and apply the lash first to the inner corner of your eye. It's essential to ensure the lash lines up with the line of glue you just created.

  6. Place the end of the lash strip on the outer corner of your eye. Be sure to bend the lash so that it follows the natural curve of your eye.

  7. Press the band down on your eyelid to ensure it is glued down.

  8. Wait 15 seconds, or until the glue is dry and do a blink test to make sure everything looks good. Next, use a q-tip to clean up any excess adhesive.

  9. Apply mascara to blend your lashes with your natural lashes (if you have lashes).

  10. Admire your beautiful new lashes in the mirror.

Bonus: If you have an eyelash curler then you can curl your fake lashes. I love this step because it makes my eyes look extra big.

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