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Join me today for a chat about Alopecia, Self-love and Beauty

Story time: Losing my lashes and brows in university destroyed the little self-esteem I had after losing my hair as a child. Frankly losing my hair is something I still grieve. However, I’ve slowly learned techniques that help me engeance my natural beauty and feel more confident (with and without hair). Join me on Instagram live @joyfulxbeauty with @velourbeautyofficial today at 1:30 pm EST as I share a live demo of these techniques and talk learning self-love after hair loss ❤️. PS Who would have thought I’d ever be able to appreciate the beauty of the back of my bald head. We’ve come a long way, child.

PS If you're interested in trying out Velour's easy to apply, natural, gorgeous lashes you can save 20% off Velour products using the code Joy20.

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