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Taking alopecia on vacation

To wear a wig or to not wear a wig. That is the question that many of us with alopecia consider when on holiday.

I used to wear wigs a lot more often, especially when travelling. I feel at ease going bald at home, but you’re always extra vulnerable in unfamiliar places, so for me wearing hair gave me extra security. Here’s why—being a bald woman will always attract attention, especially in places where beauty standards are more rigid.

Anyhow, so on a recent trip to Europe last month, I packed this wig and a cute blonde one and I ended up wearing this wig once. It was unintentional, I just felt so at ease in a new way that I decided to only put it on for style. And that’s the gift of alopecia, it gives you options to decide how you want to express your beauty.

I know most people aren’t at this level of comfort on their hair journey. (I wasn’t, even last year). However, that’s the joy of the journey, slowly things change and one day you will be surprised by your own courage and confidence.

Body suit: @topshop

Confidence: A life long journey

How does alopecia affect you when you on Holiday? Do you pack one or multiple wigs? Do you feel more at ease when you are away or more anxious meeting new people? Let me know in the comments.



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1 Comment

Sep 12, 2022

Love the short and sweet blog story--especially the sentiment in the last phrase of the last sentence that says "and one day you will be surprised by your own courage and confidence." I am now and have always been amazed by your courage to simply be--bald or not.

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