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The Psychological Effects Of Alopecia

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you have alopecia it's likely at some point a well-meaning friend or acquaintance has probably said something like, "At least it's just hair." However, the truth is the effects of hair loss go far deeper than the dramatic physical changes.

Research shows men and women experience mental health effects due to hair loss. One study found that some alopecia patients 'experienced an ongoing feeling of loss.' For some, alopecia can cause psychological effects similar to grieving after bereavement.

In this article for Sun Life/Lumino Health, I share tips on how to manage those effects! Lumino Health is a great resource for finding a mental health practitioner in Canada, so it was wonderful to collaborate with them. I used to work for Sun Life earlier in my career, so it's a nice full-circle moment to write for them again.

PS. I'm curious, have any of you experienced similar feelings after hairloss? Let me know in the comments or via email.



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